Well, those who refuse to learn from the life experience and knowledge of others, are pretty much doomed to make some pretty silly, and sometimes even dangerous mistakes. Here are 40 pictures of people who realized that the hard way

DIY face mask gone wrong

DIY face masks have been all the rage for years now, especially among those who are all about that natural, organic lifestyle. And what could be more natural than using what you have in your kitchen pantry to nourish your skin?

Well, as it turns out, just because something is natural and edible, it doesn’t mean it’s good for your face. Unfortunately this girl didn’t do her research ahead of time, made a turmeric face mask, and now looks like Bart Simpson. Yikes.

We hope he was forgiven!

We smell a massive argument coming this guy’s way! And who could blame his wife? The fact that plastic cutting boards and heat don’t go together is common knowledge. And stoves are not exactly cheap…

This guy better have a better plan besides his “sorry honey”. We suggest a gift card, and an offer to pay for some nice takeout in the evening. (And of course, he must pay for a new stove if that’s what she wants).

Nice fake ID, guy

It’s just a fact of life that people are going to have fake IDs. Taken out of context, it actually seems like a really serious crime, but police generally let it slide when it’s just teenagers trying to act like adults. When it’s adults trying to pass themselves off as something that they aren’t, however, there can be some problems.

We’re sure that these policemen took this fake ID situation seriously, but they also couldn’t help but laugh at how terribly done it was. Has this guy never seen an ID before? They typically only show one person, dude.

Spelling Bee Champion

You ever notice that one particular word that you always misspell, no matter how many times you write it down? Even when you practice it a few more times, you actually manage to write the word wrong a different way? Pretty annoying, huh?

While this might be a common inconvenience for most, for some people spelling should best be left to the experts, just like this person who thought that Atlanta spelled backward was Atlanta. But hey, you got to give them about a B- for effort since at least the first two letters spelled backward are right.

Um, excuse me?

It looks like Karen’s cousin Becky is in town. After all, you would think that a roped off area around a register would signal in most peoples’ minds that it was closed. But to Karen and her kinfolk, any register means an avenue for discounts, managers, and viral social media videos.

What is being said by Becky and what is going through that poor employee’s mind is anyone’s guess. However, the manager has probably already been notified, and this screenshot will more than likely be a thumbnail of a greatest freakout video soon.

Wrong address, right idea

In today’s day and age, getting to the right address is easier than ever before. With modern technology, it is pretty hard to get lost. Yet, it still happens from time to time — especially if you have never been to this particular location. For these two fellows, they got pretty unlucky when they showed up to the wrong address to make their delivery.

But despite their great post, two big questions are raised. Number one, why couldn’t they verify the location first? Number two, who would let six thousand bricks be delivered and not say anything?

Oblivious is his middle name

We’ve all at one point or another been looking for something that was clearly in front of us the whole time. While this can be explained due to either frantic nerves or confirmation bias for your familiar surroundings, this guy takes it to a whole new level.

Usually when you are looking for something, maybe you just left it in a spot you don’t normally leave it or maybe you were in a hurry and placed it in another pocket. But this guy one upped everybody by looking for his phone with his phone in his hand!

Two is company but three’s a party

Phone. Wallet. Keys. The three things every man looks for whether he’s getting into his car or rolling out of bed after a night out with the boys. In this case, it was the former but there was a problem. The keys were still inside the car.

He did what anyone else would do in this situation and called for help. Only what was not expected was that the help was no help at all, since he did the same thing. But hey, at least while he was waiting on the second guy, he was in like-minded company.

Not as advertised

It is a common realization not to believe everything you see on TV or the internet, yet that does not stop some people. While those at home science experiments make for really great videos, what they do not show is all the preparation and work that goes into setting up and cleaning up these tests.

But for one enterprising DIY scientist, he decided to throw his lot in with these famous social media scientists for internet fame. While he certainly got what he set out to do, it was probably not as planned… and definitely cost him his microwave.

What kind of lesson here? History? Science? Or both?

Some people are pretty ignorant of the truth or downright disregard facts that don’t fit their narrative. For this person, their first mistake was believing that Americans were the ones who invented electricity.